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A Streetcar experience with Milwaukee in mind

Few local policy issues generate more emotional debate than the Milwaukee streetcar. And, if a recent Marquette Law School poll is any indication, this issue is likely to remain controversial even after the initial streetcar line opens a year from now. While there are several aspects to the streetcar debate, one of its core tenets is the contention of opponents that similar transportation benefits could be derived from much smaller investments in bus service. Supporters, on the other hand, contend that streetcars are more attractive to users than buses, provide a better ride, and do a better job attracting...

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The Color of Law and government designed segregation

The book “The Color of Law” explores a forgotten history of the role America’s government played in segregation across the country. In The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein argues with exacting precision and fascinating insight how segregation in America—the incessant kind that continues to dog our major cities and has contributed to so much recent social strife—is the byproduct of explicit government policies at the local, state, and federal level. “We cannot address our nation’s firmly embedded racial inequalities unless we first can acknowledge how we got where we are, including the conscious creation of racial residential segregation,” said Lawrence...

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Lawsuit accuses Kohl’s of massive consumer fraud regarding Kohl’s Cash

Plenty of Kohl’s customers have been frustrated at the store’s pricing and promotional policies, particularly when using Kohl’s Cash, and several have even sued the retailer for not making its policies more clear. Kohl’s has been ordered in the past to better disclose its policies, yet it continues to apply coupons and discounts however it wants to. But not if two California shoppers have their way. Crystal Waters and Tony Valenti of Valencia, California are suing Kohl’s not because it hasn’t adequately explained its policies, but because they want Kohl’s to change those policies once and for all. Their...

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Treasure trove of JFK documents to declassify on October 26

Conspiracy theorists have been trying to pick apart the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for decades, and they’re about to receive a huge shipment of help. This month a massive dossier of relevant documents and recordings compiled by the CIA and FBI will be made available to the American public for the first time. That is unless President Donald Trump decides to keep them classified. Eighty-eight percent of the government documents regarding JFK’s assassination have been available to the public since the late 1990s, but the remaining files are scheduled to be declassified on October 26, 2017. According...

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Milwaukee joins cities celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele proclaimed October 9, 2017 as Indigenous Peoples Day in Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County joins more than 20 communities nationwide, including the City of Madison and Dane County, which will now commemorate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead on the same day as the federal Columbus Day holiday. “I’m incredibly proud that Milwaukee County is officially recognizing and appreciating the contributions of native thought, culture, and technology in our society,” County Executive Chris Abele said. “I’m also proud that the next generation of Milwaukeeans cares so deeply about learning our true history and using their voice to...

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News coverage contributes to problem of mass shootings in age of gun violence

The United States has a gun violence epidemic. Headline after headline provide the evidence. But at what point does our staunch adherence to journalistic norms and routines become journalistic negligence in perpetuating this epidemic? A recent study showed that 30 percent of mass killings were potentially inspired by previous mass killings and singled out sensational, detailed news media coverage as a possible factor for this contagion. And as the late Steve Buttry wrote, “It’s undeniable that the limelight that journalism provides is an incentive that appeals to mass killers.” Initial evidence suggests the alleged perpetrator in the Freeman High...

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