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County Supervisor Peter Burgelis introduces resolution supporting the people of Ukraine

After being sworn in on April 18, newly-elected County Supervisor Peter Burgelis introduced his first piece of legislation. The resolution supports the Ukrainian people and condemns the unprovoked aggression and war crimes committed by Russian Federation soldiers in Ukraine. On March 15, 2018, the City of Milwaukee established a sister city relationship with the Ukrainian city of Irpin to promote friendship and dialogue, strengthening foreign relations on a municipal level and promoting a greater understanding of both Ukrainian and American culture. “The atrocities happening in Ukraine at the hands of the Russian Federation are war crimes. Plain and simple,”...

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Wisconsin Army Guard unit returns from Eastern Europe after invasion of Ukraine extended deployment

The Wisconsin Army National Guard’s 107th Maintenance Company returned home to Volk Field on April 16. They were met with an unseasonably cold weather, but the 150 soldiers received a warm welcome back to the state following a nine-month deployment in Poland, Romania and Lithuania. “When we sent you off on that football field in Sparta last spring, I am not sure that we expected the events over the past several months as the situation deteriorated into a war in Ukraine,” said Governor Tony Evers. “But I can say without a doubt you have represented your state really well.”...

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Kids will be who they see: What Cavalier Johnson as a Black Mayor means to the Black youth of Milwaukee

The day after Cavalier Johnson’s historic and landslide victory to become the first elected Black Mayor of Milwaukee, he held his first public press conference from the Mayor’s office at City Hall. The press gathering on April 6 offered members of the news media their first chance to ask the new Mayor about his experiences during the campaign, his reactions on election night, and his vision for the next two years of his term. There were a range of questions, but four of his answers stood out above the rest. They expressed the significance of his election, and what...

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Klondike: Award-winning motion picture from Ukraine to show at 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival

Milwaukee Film kicks off its 2022 Film Festival from April 21 to May 5, marking the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic that the signature cinema event will be held in-person and during its new release season. Taking place at three cinemas, the Oriental Theatre, Avalon Theater, and Times Cinema, it is Milwaukee Film’s second year hosting a spring festival after its fall schedule was changed in 2021. A variety of films will still be presented on a virtual platform, but organizers are excited to have audiences again sitting in theater seats. “We are ecstatic to see all our...

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Photos from the frontlines: Sergi Mykhalchuk gathers haunting visual evidence in aftermath of occupation

As Russian forces have been dislodged from their occupation of towns around the Kyiv region, journalists have finally been able to document the aftermath. The scope of viciousness by Putin’s military has been revealed in a continuous wave of images showing the levels of cruel savagery that took place. The haunting photographs and heartbreaking videos confirm what has been reported on for weeks, about the acts of violence against the civilian population of Ukraine. The atrocities committed by Russian armed forces under the orders of Putin meet the criteria for a direct comparison to Stalin and Hitler. The gathered...

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Maks Levin: Missing Ukrainian photojournalist known for documenting Russian war crimes found dead

In the early days of the Russian invasion, the photo of a family carrying their German Shepherd while fleeing across a destroyed bridge in Milwaukee’s sister city of Irpin went viral. It showed the world the humanitarian crisis unfolding from Putin’s brutal attack against its neighbor. Maks Levin, one of the greatest Ukrainian war photojournalists and documentary filmmakers was found dead in Kyiv Oblast on April 1. Presidential aide Andriy Yermak made the announcement on April 2, after a two weeks of searching. “He went missing in the conflict area on March 13 in the Kyiv region. His body...

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