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MCTS Freeway Flyers to resume commuter service on August 30 as more Downtown offices reopen

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) announced on August 2 that all Freeway Flyer routes would resume service, with schedule adjustments, on August 30. Freeway Flyers Routes 40, 43, 44, 46, 48, 49, 79, and 143 are buses that operate primarily between Park & Ride lots and downtown Milwaukee on weekday mornings and afternoons. They were suspended in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when many downtown businesses shut down in-person activity and transitioned to remote work. That shift reduced the demand for commuter buses. “Even with the growing complications from the Delta variant of COVID-19, businesses are...

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Last Thing We Ever Do: Musicians express the Vietnam War experience of Milwaukee veterans in new album

Local musicians and the stories of hometown Vietnam veterans are featured in a new album being released on August 8 at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom. “The Last Thing We Ever Do” CD was produced by Warrior Songs, a Wisconsin non-profit helping veterans heal from the trauma of war through the creative arts. The album features 14 songs created by professional songwriters from the firsthand testimonials of Vietnam era veterans, brought to life by professional studio musicians. Copies of the CDs are made available to veterans and veteran non-profits free of charge. The songs on the album cover topics including...

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Alternative History: From pulp science fiction novels asking “what if” to a sad modern-day partisan reality

My first experience to read a book featuring an alternative history story was the classic novel by Philip K. Dick, “The Man in the High Castle.” The appeal of it in an imperfect world was “what if” events has gone differently? Dick imagined a past where World War II has left Japan occupying the Pacific coast, Germany running the eastern half of the nation, and a remnant United States government centered in Colorado. As a teenaged reader, it was my first experience with science fiction that lacked space ships and was instead immersed in history. The second novel I...

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Milwaukee’s Recovery and Resilience Plan aims to invest millions of federal aid in jobs and housing

Outlined in his Milwaukee Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mayor Tom Barrett recently announced investing $13.8 million to promote job readiness and employment opportunities. He is also directing over $30 million to support housing activities in Milwaukee using funds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The workforce efforts are part of the first phase of ARPA funds to be deployed in Milwaukee. A key partner in the Mayor’s workforce plan is Employ Milwaukee. The goal of the investments is to connect unemployed and low-wage workers with family supporting jobs and career opportunities. “Too many residents of Milwaukee are...

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American Memory: New art exhibit explores how images shape our understanding of past events

A new three-part exhibition series at the Milwaukee Art Museum seeks to relate the Museum’s collection to historical events that have contemporary resonance, while reflecting on the institution’s own past and collecting history. Opening July 15, 2021, American Memory: Commemoration, Nostalgia, and Revision explores and reveals the selective editing of historical narratives in America’s past through drawings, prints, and paintings from the Museum’s collection. Though well known by many, historical narratives are often told from a single perspective. Incidents that have especially involved or impacted women, people of color and the LGBTQI+ community have frequently been ignored, skewed or...

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Lindbergh Park moves one step closer to being renamed for local activist Lucille Berrien

The County Board of Supervisors today unanimously adopted a proposal to rename Lindbergh Park, 3629 N. 16th Street to “Lucille Berrien Park” on June 24. Located behind the old Keefe Avenue School, the park is surrounded by a predominantly Black neighborhood and serves as a center for community activities. An effort has been underway for some time to replace its namesake, the pilot Charles Lindbergh. Best known for making the first nonstop flight between New York City and Paris, Lindbergh also had a history of racism and antisemitism. “Charles Lindbergh was a Nazi sympathizer and white supremacist, information that...

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