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Pabst Around Milwaukee: Illustrated map details vast reach of Captain Frederick Pabst beyond his brewery

The Pabst Mansion, the historic 1892 home of Captain Frederick Pabst and his family, recently released the beautifully illustrated map “Pabst Around Milwaukee” to share the extent of what had been the Beer Baron’s enterprises across the County. The idea behind the “Pabst Around Milwaukee” map was to show just how vast Pabst’s reach was within the county, and show how influential he was beyond his mansion and brewery. “As notable as this map is, it still only presents some of the physical locations where Pabst was involved,” said Jocelyn Slocum, Director of Operations and Curatorial Affairs. “Since I...

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Mayor Cavalier Johnson fires Milwaukee election official who fraudulently requested military ballots

Mayor Cavalier Johnson held an unscheduled press conference on November 3 to announce the removal of Kimberly Zapata as from the city’s Election Commission, after learning she fraudulently requested military absentee ballots. While the exact motive remains under investigation, it is believed that the political stunt by Zapata was designed to promote conspiracy theories and damage Milwaukee’s electoral process. According to statements, Zapata sent the ballots to Republican State Representative Janel Brandtjen, to inform her of the possibility of election fraud. The removal of Zapata came less than a week before the midterms in Wisconsin. The governor, U.S. Senate...

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Meow Meow Meow: Celebrating our furry companions ahead of the midterm elections on National Cat Day

Cats have had a significant role in the lives of people, going back to the start of human history. Of the many holidays that America celebrates, it should be no surprise that one honors the feline species on October 29 for National Cat Day. The day is a celebration of the family pet, and the expression of unconditional love for kitty companions. Considering the current political climate and upcoming midterm elections on November 8, it comes at the perfect time. Cats have an amazing ability to reduce human stress and anxiety. The act of petting a cat’s fur releases...

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Brewtown Tales: New historical book by John Gurda shares more stories of Milwaukee’s people and places

Milwaukee has been known by many nicknames over the years, from the Midwest’s “Brewtown” to America’s “Cream City.” But none have been more telling than the “City of Stories” for those who know its secrets. No one tells those stories better than celebrated Wisconsin historian and author John Gurda, the Milwaukee-born writer and historian who has been studying his hometown since 1972. His new book Brewtown Tales: More Stories from Milwaukee and Beyond is the long-anticipated follow-up to his best-selling “Cream City Chronicles.” Published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, it serves a fresh batch of essays on life...

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A holiday for heroes: Ukrainian people honored on Defenders Day for courage against Russia’s invasion

A combination of Memorial Day and Veterans Day in the United States, “Defender of Ukraine Day,” also known as Defenders Day, is a public holiday celebrated by Ukrainians on October 14. It was officially established by President Petro Poroshenko in 2014. The holiday was created to pay tribute to everyone who has fought, and is currently fighting, to preserve state sovereignty. According to the presidential decree, its purpose is “to honor the courage and heroism of the defenders of Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity, military traditions and victories of the Ukrainian people, foster the further strengthening of patriotic spirit...

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Civil War Veterans of the Battle of Chickamauga honored at Milwaukee’s historic Forest Home Cemetery

The public was invited to a special ceremony on October 8, presented by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW), that honored two local solders who fought in the legendary 1863 Battle of Chickamauga and were buried at Milwaukee’s historic Forest Home Cemetery and Arboretum. The event was based on the tradition followed by the Grand Army of the Republic, the Civil War veterans organization. The prayers offered by participants had been repeated many times on the same hallowed ground in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as old soldiers buried their comrades. The Milwaukee Camp,...

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