Author: Frank Martinelli

Frank Martinelli: “On The Table” lacks difficult questions on racism and poverty

“Philanthropy maintains systems of inequality by attracting attention to the behavior of poor people while shifting the focus away from structural inequities and relationships of power that produce poverty.” – Erica Kohl-Arenas The Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) is sponsoring an initiative called On the Table. The foundation is encouraging people to organize a gathering around mealtime on October 17. The purpose, according to the GMF website, is to “bring people in the community together to contribute their ideas and energy toward advancing a more vibrant and connected region.” The GMF initiative is modeled after a similar program sponsored by...

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Frank Martinelli: When the good done by nonprofits Is not good enough

Many of us have something important in common. We all have a connection to nonprofit organizations. What are nonprofits? We know them as “neighborhood associations”, “arts groups”, “unions”, “professional societies”, “environmental groups”. We may recognize them by name. The Boys & Girls Club, the YWCA, United Community Center. We all know people who have benefited from the work of these nonprofits and many others. How are we are connected to them? As volunteers. As staff. As board members. As neighborhood leaders. As donors. Some of us receive services from nonprofits. And some of us participate in their programs. So...

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