Author: David Zersen

Ken-David Masur: The heritage between father and son elevates Milwaukee’s musical podium

I recently finished Ivan Turgenev’s classic 1862 novel, “Fathers and Sons,” concurrent to the public announcement that Ken-David Masur would become the new Musical Director of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO). That news also embraces a great father and son story. Ken-David Masur is the son of a modern day musical titan, and it is an enormous tribute to the MSO Board for a young man of his talents and heritage to be presented at the podium. The decision was a challenge for a Board, to consider a man of his youth at age 41, to follow the legendary...

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Joseph Ellwanger: Veteran of Civil Rights era sees social justice as natural expression of faith

Civil rights leader and pastor, the Rev. Joseph Ellwanger, challenged listeners to consider social and civil justice as a natural outgrowth of a Christ-centered religion at an October 28 gathering at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Milwaukee. As pastor at Cross Lutheran Church on 16th and Vine Streets for 35 years, Ellwanger helped the Milwaukee congregation transition from an all-white church to one which reflects the diversity of the surrounding community. In retirement he assists at Hephatha Lutheran Church, helping the parishioners with the congregation with their prison ministries. In his book Strength for the Struggle, Pastor Ellwanger shared...

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