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Urban Agriculture: Venice R. Williams appointed as Interim Executive Director for Fondy Food Center

Widely-known for her dedication to urban agriculture, Venice R. Williams became the Interim Executive Director of the Fondy Food Center on May 2. Announced on April 28 by the Board of Directors of the Fondy Food Center, Williams was selected for her visionary leadership of Alice’s Garden on the Northside of Milwaukee. “This time of transition is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the community and realign our mission. Venice brings abundant passion and purpose to lead this effort,” said Heather Deaton, president of the Fondy Board of Directors. “Her amazing gift of visioning, and her ability to build...

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State provides $8M grant to help Wisconsin residents access legal services needed for pandemic recovery

Governor Tony Evers announced an $8 million grant on March 28 to support Wisconsinites who need legal assistance to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant will be made to the Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation Inc. (WisTAF) to fund civil legal aid organizations statewide and to build a Wisconsin Law Help website, a user-friendly online legal assistance portal that will help Wisconsinites access accurate legal information. “As we recover from the pandemic, it is critical that we create a strong and resilient Wisconsin that works for everyone,” said Governor Evers. “COVID-19 posed challenges to all of us, but especially...

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Irpin Liberated: Ukrainian forces drive Russians out of Milwaukee’s besieged Sister City and retake control

The mayor of Irpin, Milwaukee’s sister city, said on March 28 that the area had been “liberated” from Russian troops. After weeks of fierce fighting, Ukraine declared that its forces had retaken the strategic town in the northwestern suburb of Kyiv, as negotiators from both sides met for the first peace talks in two weeks in the Turkish city of Istanbul. Announcing the liberation of the city in a video posted to Telegram, Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn said, “We understand that there will be more attacks on our town and we will defend it courageously.” Using Irpin as a staging...

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The Rape of Irpin: Survivors of the Russian siege share disturbing accounts of escaping the inhuman cruelty

The Instagram page War. Stories from Ukraine has been collecting stories of Ukrainian people who detail how they live during the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. Milwaukee’s sister city Irpin faced the brunt of Russia’s fierce invasion, because its location was a key corridor to the Capital City of Kyiv. Of the many personal stories being documented in the crowdsourced social media project, each reflects an individual condition of heartbreak from the war. Four residents from Irpin share their loss, struggle to survive, efforts to care for pets, and attempts to escape from the invading Russian forces. Their eyewitness accounts details...

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More than $86M in funding awarded to support diversity of small business development in Wisconsin

Governor Tony Evers awarded more than $86 million in grants on March 21 to support small businesses in communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic that have historically had difficulty accessing credit and capital. Of the more than $86 million, $57.6 million in grants were awarded through the Diverse Business Assistance Grant Program to 24 chambers of commerce and nonprofit organizations providing assistance to small businesses. “We’re continuing to build a strong and resilient economy that works for everyone, and that means encouraging business development in communities that have been hit hard by the pandemic and often face barriers to...

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A Matter of Conscience: Acclaimed combat photojournalist Maks Levin reported missing near Kyiv

War photojournalist Maksym “Max” Levin has gone missing from the front line near Kyiv, according to his friend and news correspondent Markiian Lyseiko. First reported by Ukrіnfоrm news service and later confirmed by the Kyіv Іndependent, Lyseiko reported that the last time Levin got in touch was on March 13. At that time, he was with taking photographs within the combat area in Vyshhorod District. “Each Ukrainian photographer is dreaming of taking a photo that would stop the war.” – Maks Levin Maks Levin was born in Kyiv Region in 1981. He has worked as a photojournalist and documentary...

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