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Author: Common Dreams

One step closer to slavery: Without bodily autonomy Americans have now become state regulated livestock

The conservative majority overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that expanded access to abortion nationwide. This is on top of decisions deeply wounding state’s rights to make gun regulations, to hold police civilly accountable for reading suspects their Miranda rights, and even the separation of Church and State in regard to public funding of parochial schools. Let me be very clear — this is not about consistency based on legal precedent or interpretation of the law. It is ideology — pure and simple. In the case of abortion, these four men and one woman did it because...

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Battle against censorship: Fire-Proof edition of “Handmaid’s Tale” released to fight GOP book-banning

Proceeds from an auction of an unusual edition of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The “Handmaid’s Tale” will go to the free expression advocacy group PEN America, as the group stands up to right-wing attempts to ban books in the United States. The single copy of the novel is made entirely of flame-resistant material, as evidenced in a video released on May 24 in which Atwood herself attempted to light the book on fire. Atwood and the publishing company Penguin Random House announced Monday that the book will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s New York, both to help PEN...

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Attacks on hospitals and maternity wards continue to wreak havoc on Ukraine’s public health system

The Russian invasion of Ukraine epitomizes many of the challenges children face today, by inflicting serious damage to children’s health and quality of life. By the middle of May 2022, more than 6.1 million people had fled Ukraine, half of them children. Millions more have been internally displaced. 90 percent of Ukrainian refugees are women and children. Since the beginning of the conflict, hundreds of children have been killed. In addition, the damage to schools and hospitals has negatively affected education and health services. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science by the end of March more than...

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What a negotiated peace means for Ukraine as the Russian invasion becomes a war of attrition

Wars often erupt and persist because of the two sides’ miscalculations regarding their relative power. In the case of Ukraine, Russia blundered badly by underestimating the resolve of Ukrainians to fight and the effectiveness of NATO-supplied weaponry. Yet Ukraine and NATO are also overestimating their capacity to defeat Russia on the battlefield. The result is a war of attrition that each side believes it will win, but that both sides will lose. Ukraine should intensify the search for a negotiated peace of the type that was on the table in late March, but which it then abandoned following evidence...

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Rewarding the Sedition Caucus: Why Big Oil is so happy to give GOP Insurrectionists campaign funding

Since the January 6 insurrection, six of the biggest fossil fuel companies in America have given nearly $700,000 to the campaign and leadership PACs of the Sedition Caucus, according to CREW’s ongoing tracking. They have also given more than $350,000 to the NRSC and NRCC which work to reelect congressional Republicans, a majority of whom voted against certifying the 2020 election, for a total of over $1 million to be potentially spent on keeping the Sedition Caucus in Congress. Valero Energy and Marathon Petroleum top the list at $400,000 and $264,500, respectively. Both companies pledged to stop donating indefinitely,...

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Fracturing and Fragmenting: The role of social cohesion in America and our cost of losing it

As with climate change, inequality, and our other collective problems, solutions will entail confronting and reining in power, whether the power of wealth, of outsized political representation, or of social media companies. The United States is tumbling toward socio-political crisis. Here are just a few of the distress signals recently visible: The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building (January 6, 2021). Rapidly increasing numbers of death threats against politicians—including threats from fellow politicians. A majority of followers of one of the two main political parties telling pollsters that they would approve of violence as a means to political power...

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