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Author: Common Dreams

Pandemic Payday: Oxfam’s report shows Ultrawealthy earned $1.2B a day while inequality killed millions

A new report explains how inequality contributed to the death of 21,000 people each day of the pandemic while the wealthiest collectively got $1.2 billion richer every 24 hours. Oxfam International’s latest report on global inequality finds that while the 10 richest individuals in the world more than doubled their collective wealth since COVID-19 hit in 2020, the related result of this billionaire surge has been a deadlier and more prolonged pandemic for the rest of the world in which the incomes of 99 percent of humanity fell, over 160 million people were forced into poverty, and billions of...

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Advocates demand DC statehood: Almost 700K American citizens still denied voting representation in Congress

As people nationwide marked the first anniversary of the U.S. Capitol attack amid rising concerns about American democracy, District of Columbia residents and advocates for full representation renewed calls for congressional action on DC statehood. January 6, 2021 “began with Black joy and ended with white hate, and the 700,000 of us who call D.C. home were forced to bear the brunt of that hatred,” declared Jamal Holtz, lead organizer of 51 for 51, a coalition of pro-statehood groups. “A year after that violent day, DC’s residents — the majority of whom are Black and Brown—are still denied voting...

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American Autocracy: 2024 will most likely see the end of our Civil Liberties if voting rights not secured

One year since then-President Donald Trump and his Republican accomplices’ lies about voter fraud led to a failed coup on January 6, 2021, progressives are warning that the GOP’s ongoing, nationwide assault on the franchise will continue as long as Senate Democrats fail to pass pro-democracy legislation. “In America, voters decide the outcome of elections,” Lisa Gilbert, executive vice president of Public Citizen, said in a statement. “Yet 365 days after the attacks on the 2020 election culminated in the Capitol calamity, we still haven’t enacted meaningful reforms to prevent another January 6. If the Senate doesn’t act now,...

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Study details methods used by Trump allies that systematically remove obstacles to steal votes

Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election had absurd elements, and it culminated in the deadly chaos of the Capitol insurrection. Now, the more we learn, the more we realize there was a concerted plan to steal the election and upend the results. Next time it will not be so amateurish. In fact, Trump’s allies are systematically removing obstacles to stealing elections in states across the country. The Brennan Center published a report recently documenting the campaign, The Election Sabotage Scheme and How Congress Can Stop It by Will Wilder, Derek Tisler, and Wendy Weiser. Two state legislatures have bestowed...

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Whiteness as Property: Why the acquittal of Rittenhouse is an affirmation of Critical Race Theory

It is well known that no one is teaching critical race theory in the K-12 system. The current discussions of Critical Race Theory (CRT) are the result of a tried-and-true right-wing strategy to create weird forms of cathexis where they link the name of something obscure with things that bother people at their core, to create lightning rods by which to channel toxic energy through the bodies of their followers, in ways that bond people to their to their death cult. But in our rush to expose the dishonesty behind the vilification of CRT we might be passing up...

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Believing the Lie: Pandemic misinformation continues to spread as quickly as COVID according to new survey

Helped along by right-wing news outlets and social media, misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic has spread far and wide according to new polling, with a large majority of Americans reporting they believed at least one false statement about the public health crisis and one-third saying they were unsure about the veracity of several statements, including ones accusing the government of lying about COVID-19 deaths and the safety of vaccines. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor’s latest poll, released on November 8, 78% of respondents said they had heard at least one of the false statements...

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