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Shawna Nicols: For the love of family, music, and basketball

With an energetic, outgoing, and positive personality, Shawna Nicols is the kind of person who gives praise to others before accepting any for herself.

Regardless of what she is doing, family is always a top priority in her life. A Milwaukee native, Nicols started her career as a professional basketball player but after an injury, she found a new passion in music. For the past 12 years, Nicols – also known by her stage name DJ Shawna – has learned the art of DJing and has used that skill to project a positive message to her audience. She has managed to create a unique career by combining her love of basketball, music, and encouragement of others to be their best selves.

About The Author

Erin Bloodgood

Erin Bloodgood is a photographer and storyteller who seeks to engage, inspire, and connect the community. A Washington DC native, she fell in love with the Milwaukee’s urban parks, Lake Michigan, and its ethnic cultures that continue to motivate her to discover the city.