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Author: Thom Hartmann

A fascination with falsehoods: Republicans are 400% more likely to be banned from Twitter than Democrats

Over on Fox “News,” a recent segment with Tucker Carlson suggested that vaccines are more dangerous than getting COVID. Why do conservatives fall for this kind of nonsense? Multiple recent studies show that Republicans are as much as 8.5 times more likely to both believe and share fake or false “news” with others than are Democrats. The phenomenon is obvious, actually: while as many as half of Republicans believe the 2020 election was “stolen” from Trump, there is no similarly disprovable “big lie” embraced by Democrats. And it is not limited to things like elections that are overtly political:...

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The Sabotage of America: Putin would have invaded Ukraine sooner had Trump’s January 6 coup succeeded

Trump unleashed what has become a million U.S. COVID deaths, a war in Ukraine, and an attempted coup against the United States, all while coarsening our politics and ratcheting up hate. And now racist, rightwing politicians who disdain democracy are imitating him all across the nation. What is the impact of all this on America and Americans, and when will he be held to account? Five years ago, Donald Trump broke the law and outed an Israeli spy who’d embedded himself into ISIS. Trump gave the code-word-classified-Top-Secret intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, when he and Russian Ambassador...

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A Failed Experiment: Cashing in on the collapse of Neoliberalism and a race to embrace authoritarianism

A bit over 40 years ago the UK and the United States, followed within a few years by most of the rest of western Europe, embarked on a radical experiment in governance and economics. “Neoliberalism” was the word invented by a small group of utopian economists at a 1938 meeting in France, and it was turned into a movement at a 1947 meeting in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland. At that time the world had been shaken by the rise of Communism in the Soviet Union (and China) and the disaster Fascism brought to Germany and then all of Europe. The...

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Why Democratic leadership is suffering from a serious deficiency of outrage against Trump’s corruption

Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name to get positions on boards of directors that paid him millions, but there is no evidence he ever harmed American foreign policy or American interests. Jared Kushner, though, appears to have been paid $2 billion by the Saudis for steering his father-in-law’s administration away from the Khashoggi murder and toward millions in congressionally banned weaponry to further destroy Yemen. Now the Saudis, apparently still collaborating with the Trump family, are refusing to increase oil production so that high prices at the pump will politically damage President Biden and Democrats in the elections...

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A Bizarre Silence: Why Republicans want to “save the children” until the issue of guns is mentioned

We have the resources to deal with childhood injuries and deaths from the only product sold in America specifically designed to kill human beings, and it is now the leading cause of deaths in children. Nina Shapiro reported at Forbes in an article titled The Leading Cause Of Death In Children And Youths Is Now Guns: “Access to firearms by children, by unlicensed owners, and absence of safety measures when it comes to both intentional and unintentional gun-related injuries and deaths, are among the reasons that the incidence of this horrific, truly avoidable tragedy is on the rise.” The...

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The “Browning” of America: Anti-Abortion efforts are fundamentally about a shortage of White babies

The abortion battle is not just about religion. We are also watching the last ages of White Supremacy, and it is scaring the hell out of White people who have bought into the racist belief that “others” are fundamentally different and inferior. This firestorm around abortion is another dimension of the White freak-out about the browning of America that stretches from the days of slavery through 19th century “scientific racism” to Charles Murray’s book The Bell Curve:,America is no longer all-White or all-under-White-control. And the White Supremacists are bound and determined to do something about it. For example, a...

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