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Author: Thom Hartmann

A Plot Against Democracy: How the GOP has shamelessly taken the playbook of oppressive regimes

The GOP seems to have gone nuts. But, in reality, they are just following a plan. And it is not even a new plan. It has worked elsewhere. Seventeen Republican-controlled states have now passed 28 voter suppression laws, in most cases even asserting that if elections don’t turn out the way the Party likes they can simply change or ignore the results. It’s driven Texas legislators, faced with another law like that, to flee the state in a desperate effort to preserve their voting rights. Meanwhile, the GOP has gone all-in on embracing white supremacy and demonizing nonwhite people...

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Language Matters: Understanding that the 9/11 attack was a monstrous crime but not an act of war

The 9/11 attack was a crime by a small group of criminals, not an act of war by a sovereign state. But we responded to that crime with two war-based assaults, and we won both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in a matter of weeks, not years or decades. Language matters, because it is how we understand what is real and what is a scam or a lie. It is how we share the metaphors, understandings, visions and values of our society. When it comes to crime, war, and occupations of other countries, language can mean life or death. When George...

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Brutal Capitalism: How America is transforming from a democracy to an oligarchy

In an oligarchy, the rich can get away with anything and average people who try to stop harms to themselves and their communities get crushed. We’re now there; the question is whether we’ll pull back from this horror show, or whether it’ll continue its evolution toward a full-blown police state. The Sackler family, whose criminal Oxycontin drug-dealing killed over a half-million Americans and destroyed the lives of millions more, is close to a deal with the states to keep around $10 billion of their ill-gotten gain in exchange for giving the states a bit over $4 billion over a...

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Corporate Sponsorship: When Conservatives work to ensure the Federal government is a failure

A study by the Peace Research Institute in Norway and the University of Aarhus that polled 6,000 adults from the United States, Denmark, Italy, and Hungary found that the COVID pandemic has further eroded faith in government among people all across Europe and the United States. This is the capstone of “conservative” or neoliberal efforts to destroy faith in democratic governance in developed countries, an effort that goes back 50 years. In the 1950s and 1960s Americans had a lot of trust in government — around 80 percent of Americans said they trusted government — as did the citizens...

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The “Love America Act” is about Hate: How subsidizing Red states perpetuates White Supremacy

Former-slave-state Missouri Senator Josh Hawley doesn’t want America’s White children to be exposed to the simple reality that slavery was not only legal at the founding of our country but was, in several places, written into our Constitution. And that the rest of America subsidized the slave-owners’ states and continues to subsidize them to this day. Hawley, of course, is the guy who gave a fist-salute to the armed White Supremacist traitors who stormed the US Capitol on January 6th to assassinate Vice President Pence and Speaker Pelosi. He hopes to ride his White supremacy shtick to the White...

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A Memory Hole: When lies leading to war are easier to swallow than the truth about needing to leave

We should never forget that what we are watching happen right now in Afghanistan is the final act of George W. Bush‘s 2004 reelection strategy. After 9/11 the Taliban offered to arrest Bin Laden, but Bush turned them down because he wanted to be a “wartime president” to have a “successful presidency.” The Washington Post headline weeks after 9/11 put it succinctly: “Bush Rejects Taliban Offer On Bin Laden.” With that decision not to arrest and try Bin Laden for his crime but instead to go to war George W. Bush set the US and Afghanistan on a direct...

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