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Author: Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson: No guarantee of freedom when courts and lawmakers fail to protect our rights

“It has blatantly ignored all law and precedent and usurped from the congress and the people the power to amend the Constitution and from the congress authority to make laws of the land. Its action confirms the worst fears of the motives of the men who sit on its bench and raises a grave question as to the future course of this nation.” – Georgia Governor Herman Talmadge after 1954 Brown V. Board Supreme Court decision overturning segregated schools (1954) “It seems like the supreme court is at war with the American people. It’s certainly serving the desires and...

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Reggie Jackson: Jayland Walker vs. the Highland Park Mass Shooter offers a lesson in contrasts

“Actions by the suspect caused the officers to perceive he posed a deadly threat to them. In response to this threat, officers discharged their firearms, striking the suspect.” – Akron Police Department statement on the shooting of Jayland Walker They stood back, guns drawn, and gave the driver orders over a loudspeaker, the footage shows. “Surprisingly, he just, like, instantly complied. I think he was just, ‘This is it.’” – Ryan German, witness to the arrest of the Highland Park mass shooter (Washington Post) On June 27 a 25-year-old Black DoorDash driver, Jayland Walker, was shot and killed by...

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Reggie Jackson: The lasting damage of America’s current Culture Wars

“Historians tell us where we’ve been, and give us insights into where we’re going. Historians remind us of the things that we’ve forgotten, and speak up about the things we’ve deliberately omitted. Historians reveal things that we never knew. Historians show us that we’ve been asking the wrong questions, and perhaps even giving the wrong answers. Most crucially, historians tell us who we are, because how we know ourselves in the present is intimately linked to the ways we remember ourselves in the past.” – Jason Steinhauer “Those who seek history with an upbeat ending, redemption, or reconciliation, may...

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Reggie Jackson: The racial imbalance of Milwaukee’s 2022 Residential Property Assessments

There has been little said by most elected officials about the readily apparent racial imbalance in the latest assessments of home values in Milwaukee. Overall, the city wide increase was 17.77%. By far the largest increases were in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, which all saw increases exceeding 20%. Residents in those areas who are very concerned about how this will impact their property taxes later this year are patiently waiting on an explanation as to why the value are so much more in Black and Hispanic parts of town. Alderman Bob Bauman said, “There will be a flood of...

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Reggie Jackson: Reflecting one year later on the significance of Juneteenth becoming a Federal holiday

“It should be a paid holiday and not just a check-the-box holiday added to your calendar. You really have to be meaningful and authentic in order to be impactful.” – Rosa Nunez, the director of diversity, equity and inclusion at the law firm Foley Hoag “I say it with a sad sense of the disparity between us. I am not included within the pale of glorious anniversary! Your high independence only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you, this day, rejoice, are not enjoyed in common.” – Frederick Douglass (July 5, 1862) On June 16,...

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The constant trauma of mass shootings: When an unbroken chain of acceptable violence leaves us numb

I am rarely at a loss for words. However, I found myself struggling to process the horrific violence over the past few weeks. It is generally fairly easy for me to take a pause, think deeply about events and then put my thoughts down in an article. I wish this was still easy to do in this instance, but it is incredibly difficult to even think about how to process the world around us. Several people reached out to me after the racist attack and murders in Buffalo, offering their condolences to me and my community for the losses...

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