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Author: Mike Mangione

Time & The Mystery Podcast: Sean Moeller

In the early 2000s the music industry was changing rapidly. While most desperately clung to an old school model that was evaporating in their hands, Sean Moeller embraced the power of the web and created Daytrotter: a website platform showcasing recording sessions from his humble analog studio in Rock Island, Illinois.

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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Sean Daley aka Slug

Sean Daley, better known as Slug of the hip-hop group Atmosphere, isn’t just here to give you easy listening music for the revolution, he comes to give you something greater. What, you ask? Join Mike and Sean as they drive around Minneapolis looking for tetanus shots and discussing Sean’s formation, craft, and desire for you as a listener.

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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Alex Ebert

When Alex Ebert fronted the LA based group Ima Robot he viewed himself as a “destroyer,” hidden deep from the surface, self destructive and void of emotion. Through reflection and personal excavation he uncovered his root and the flower it fed. Now, with his band, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Alex wants to tear down walls and set you free. He still remains a destroyer, but this time of the chains that bind. Join Mike as he digs into the mystery of Alex Ebert.

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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Campbell and Williams

Few people can say they have played with Bob Dylan. Fewer still have played with both Dylan and Levon Helm. Larry Campbell and wife Teresa Williams have not only collaborated with these musical legends, but have done so at the time when both underwent their respective critically acclaimed reemergence. For Levon, this included his first, second and third Grammy awards.

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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Arian Moayed

After leaving high school, Arian and Mike set out on separate artistic journeys. Arian’s led him to New York where he co-founded the theater company Waterwell. In 2011, Arian was nominated for a Tony Award for best actor in the production “Bengal Tiger at The Baghdad Zoo” starring alongside Robin Williams. He is currently on Broadway in the hit play “The Humans,” recently winning the Tony Award for best play.

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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Christopher West

Christopher West is a speaker, author and theologian on a topic called the “Theology of the Body.” For Mike, he is more than just an educator, he is a dear friend. This conversation dives deep into the fascinating life and passion of one of today’s most successful Catholic speakers and is fueled by the joy these two friends have for each other.

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