Author: Maddy Hughes

Human rights defenders fight to protect immigrants in detention amid COVID-19 pandemic

Editor’s Note: A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Maddy Hughes moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue her passion for writing about culture and the arts. After settling into her new community, she attended several Aurora City council meetings, when local residents demanded answers to reports of neglect and maltreatment at the local ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detention center. The public had also voiced their frustration over former Mayor Bob LeGare’s inaction on the matter. When the coronavirus crisis hit, and news of the high infection rate inside jails spread everywhere, Hughes felt drawn to investigate conditions in ICE detention....

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Margaret Butler: All that glitters is GGOOLLDD

There are certain things we are wise to do in order to keep our spirits young and alive. Sometimes there is nothing we need more than the kind of live music we can dance and jump around to, in a room of people doing the same. And there is not a better band for that than GGOOLLDD, the Milwaukee-born “Electronic Dream Pop” group who got their start in 2014. They have already established a solid fan base, and played shows and big-name festivals all over the country. Something about GGOOLLDD feels serendipitous enough that they should be a national...

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