Lakefront Brewery asked on August 15 that consumers with bottles of the beer “My Turn: Junk” to either refrigerate or carefully dispose of them.

The beer was found to contains small amounts of wild yeast, from the cherries that it was brewed with, which continued to ferment. Subsequently, carbon dioxide built up in the bottles putting them at risk for explosion.

The product itself is completely safe to drink, but Lakefront Brewery is offering a refund to those who dispose of their supply of the beer.

“We all take in wild yeast in the air we breathe and the liquid is perfectly tasty,” said Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewery Founder and President. “The risk comes with pressure building up in warm beer that continues to ferment.”

The “My Turn” Series allows a different employee each quarter to create their own beer, and express their taste through water, barley, hops, and yeast. The My Turn Series began in 2012, and with about 71 full-time employees it still has a lot of flavors yet to explore.

Junk was actually the nickname for Andy Jungwirth, Lakefront’s International Salesperson, and his beer is a Kettle Sour with Cherries and Sakura – tea made from cherry blossoms. The flavor is tart and described like a cherry lemonade. A kettle sour is a beer that is been controllably-infected with lactobacillus bacteria.

“Please take a photograph of the bottle’s back label, send it to us along with your address, by October 1st, and we will send out a check to compensate affected customers,” said Michael Stodola, Brand Manager of Lakefront Brewery.

There has only been a few bottles out in the market that have exploded, with no reports of injuries or customer complaints. However, the Brewery is voluntarily recalling all bottles as a safety procedure.

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