Film tells the once-in-a-lifetime story of Japanese Green Bay Packers fans traveling to the United States to see their very first Packers game, live and in person.

Green Bay Packers have the smallest market share of any NFL team, but they have the most loyal fans, both across the country and outside of it.

In Japan, there is a small but fervent pocket of incredibly devoted and excited Packers fans. Not expats, but Japanese citizens who have come to love all things Packers and Green Bay.

They are the Japanese Packers Cheering Team, and the group plans to travel 6,000 miles to see their very first Packers game, in person, at historic Lambeau Field.

“”We are making a documentary about how the love of the Green Bay Packers spans the entire world,” said Ty Morse, of Time Horse Productions. “The Japanese Packers Cheering Team would like a proper documentation of their amazing journey, and we want to provide the best possible one we can.”

In September, they are coming to Green Bay to fulfill this dream. The meeting of loyal fans, separated by half the distance of the world, shows the power of everything that the Green Bay Packers stand for.

“Imagine their lifelong dream being fulfilled. Stepping out of a plane and onto Wisconsin soil, and finally being in the heart of Packers’ country,” added Morse. “Imagine them in the bars of Green Bay. Mingling with lifelong Packers fans, experiencing a real Wisconsin Packers bar, and experiencing what it means to be in the city that they have come to love from afar.”

To properly document this experience, the group needs a lot of different things. Translators, additional crew, equipment and lighting rental, transportation, host families for lodging, and such. The Japanese Packers Cheering Team would like a proper documentation of their amazing journey, and seeks help to provide the best possible one we can. Donations from supporters will commemorate this historic meeting of fans, which they call “Sacred Pilgrimage to Lambeau Field.”

Time Horse Productions hopes the Kickstarter effort will raise $10,000 to cover the cost of filming and housing our Japanese guests. The effort believes in the power of sports to unite different cultures and people of all walks of life. The documentary will also capture the historic occasion on film, and show the world that the Green Bay Packers are more than just a football team.

Time Horse Productions is known for its documentary films, that delve into the mysteries of the universe and the vagaries of the human mind with the singular goal of telling compelling, thought-provoking stories.

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Mike Morbeck, Larry Darling, and Time Horse Productions