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Time & The Mystery Podcast: Bo Ramsey

Bo Ramsey

Guitarist/Grammy Nominated Producer

We all have that person in our lives that exemplify the work we do. For Mike, that person is Bo Ramsey. Bo is sincere, honest, and musically pure. He is tone, he is style, he is taste, he is skill, he’s a man of few notes and fewer words. Bo is music and mystery. The moment Mike shared a stage with Bo back in 2008 he became a fan. In 2012 the two worked on Mike and his band’s 4th studio release, Red-winged Blackbird Man. In the time spent together Mike has come to understand three things about his friend: 1. Bo is the real deal 2. Bo wants to take you to church 3. When he talks, you listen. Mike had the privilege of listening and encourages you to do the same.

About The Author

Mike Mangione

As a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Mike Mangione leads the Milwaukee-based orchestral folk band Mike Mangione & The Union. He is also the host of the Time & The Mystery podcast that talks with public figures to discuss their inspiration, process, and connection with others through their work.