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Milwaukee Stories Podcast: Jose Vasquez

Jose Vasquez, a former gang member, talks about the emptiness he felt as a young person, his personal journey of change and why he has dedicated his life to working with youth who are experiencing many of the same challenges he did.

“A lot of youth live in a cycle, and it starts generations before them. Some of them are born into circumstantial disadvantage. Let’s talk about making this future for these youth. They can’t be our future if they ain’t our present.”

– Jose Vasquez

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Jabril Faraj
Pharaoh Mac & DMT
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Milwaukee Stories is a nonprofit news organization that works to bring the local community real and inspiring stories about regular people from all across our city. Jabril Faraj is a life-long Milwaukee resident, writer, journalist, and advocate for social justice. He has also won Press Club awards from his reporting for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service (NNS).