Representatives Stuck and Brostoff introduced LRB 4602/1 along with Senator Chris Larson in order to keep Wisconsin’s drinking water under local control. The legislation would prevent the privatization of Wisconsin’s water utilities.

On January 29, Rep. Stuck (D – Appleton) and Rep. Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) introduced legislation which would prohibit the privatization of Wisconsin’s water and sewer utilities.

“In light of the recent Republican attempt through AB 554 to allow out-of-state for-profit companies to take over Wisconsin communities’ sewer and water utilities, putting profit ahead of access to clean, affordable water, we are introducing legislation which will prevent any private company from obtaining water and sewer utilities in Wisconsin” stated Rep. Stuck.

“I am appalled that my colleagues across the aisle are trying to take Wisconsin down the dangerous path of privatizing our water. A one-time privatization scheme pay off pales in comparison to risking our public safety,” said Rep. Brostoff. “Water privatization for the personal profit of out-of-state water barons and corporations leads the priority to shift from providing water to lining pockets.”

“As a member of the Assembly Committee on Energy Utilities, I did not hear testimony from any municipal leader asking for expanding the ability of corporations to take over their water utilities,” said Rep Stuck. “Instead what we heard was a desire to keep control of these vital utilities local, so that decisions about how to keep a cost-effective and safe water supply are made by the local community and not by the profit seeking shareholders of private companies.”

“Wisconsin has a long, proud tradition of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, and providing safe drinking water for our families to enjoy.” Rep. Brostoff continued. “I’m stunned they are trying to put our traditions and our families at risk. Is nothing sacred?”

Representatives Stuck and Brostoff are introducing LRB 4602/1 along with Senator Chris Larson in order to keep Wisconsin’s drinking water under local control and to reject the idea that our water should be a source of profits for corporations.

Jonathan Brostoff

Originally published on – 19th Assembly District