Milwaukee Water Commons is hosting their second annual Confluence Gathering, an event promoting stewardship of Milwaukee’s waters on October 12.

Last year’s Confluence launched a series of six bold water initiatives for the city of Milwaukee under the banner of the “Water City Agenda,” and this year’s Confluence celebrates the progress made toward these goals while inviting new leadership to join this continued work.

“We knew achieving these goals was going to take a different model of leadership, one that helps every Milwaukeean feel a sense of responsibility for our shared waters,” said Ann Brummitt, Co-Executive Director of Milwaukee Water Commons. “This type of change can’t just happen from the top-down. It’s got to be a city-wide effort, one where everyone takes responsibility for water’s protection and care.”

The Agenda, designed via a collaborative process and incorporating the ideas and input of more than 1300 Milwaukeeans, includes significantly increasing green infrastructure throughout the city, ensuring lead-free drinking water for all residents, expanding water recreation for all residents and making our rivers swimmable and fishable.

“Milwaukee has the needed ingenuity, creativity, and expertise to become a model water city and we believe everyone, everywhere has a vital role to play in this effort,” added Brummitt.

Milwaukee Water Commons is not doing the work alone. Partners include MMSD, who are launching their Green Infrastructure Center for Excellence at the Global Water Center on the same evening. The Confluence Gathering is a chance for people from across the city to come together, learn what is already happening and find their places in this important work. There’s room for every type of leader at this table, and the event is free of charge.

“We’ve spent three years engaging over 1300 Milwaukeeans from every part of our city to put these initiatives together, and in that process we heard a message loud and clear – the people are ready for big change,” said Brenda Coley, Co-Executive Director. “We’re so glad to join with MMSD and our other partners in work for and celebration of our waters, and we encourage folks to attend both gatherings on October 12.”

The Milwaukee Water Commons, a 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to fostering connection, collaboration and broad community leadership on behalf of our waters.

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