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American Feudalism: How our nation went from “we the people” to “my feelings trump your rights”

Most Americans who are bent toward socialism do not identify themselves publicly as socialists. Nor do they employ the Marxian slogan that socialism is the wave of the future. Nonetheless, they have a way of looking at things that embraces the idea. The American approach to socialism is gradualist, piecemeal, and step by step; it is by way of govern­ment intervention, government-provided welfare programs, and government regulation and con­trol. These steps are called pro­gressive, are said to be in keep­ing with the contemporary situa­tion and modern needs, and are supposed to be pointed toward a brighter future. Those who...

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Celebrating a Black Greek-Nigerian immigrant who won the NBA title while stoking anti-immigrant fear

The Bucks made history, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the son of Nigerian parents who migrated to Greece, made the American Dream his reality. Unfortunately, that’s a dream that now hundreds of thousands of immigrant people in the United States feel is unobtainable, and it’s a dream that over 13 million undocumented people in the US know only exists in their sleep. While Giannis was born in Greece, because of his parents’ Nigerian background, he was denied Greek citizenship while he was growing up. This prevented him from getting health care, civil service jobs, and more. So he sold watches and...

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Textbook White Fragility: Wisconsin legislators seek to prevent historical truths from being taught in school

A century ago, African American citizens of the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, had their community decimated within the span of eighteen hours. Spurred by a rumor of alleged sexual assault of a white female by a Black teenager in an elevator, the Black neighborhood was under siege by a mob of whites fueled by jealousy and hate. Hours of unending gunfire, arson, looting, and physical violence emerged; while simultaneous dropping of turpentine bombs served as a horrific crescendo. Among the ashes lay the bodies of Black men, women, and children who had been killed by a deputized white...

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Megan O’Halloran: Wisconsin has a golden opportunity to meet the unprecedented needs of our students

I joked in 2020 that I longed for the “precedented.” Nearly everything about 2020 was unprecedented and not in a good way. However, I was recently filled with hope when I read that the projections for state tax collections have been revised upward by an unprecedented $4.4 billion through June 2023 in what the nonpartisan Wisconsin Policy Forum calls, “A Golden Opportunity.” We are in an historic moment. 2020 was bleak for many reasons. In the world of education, school districts incurred enormous expenses to meet the needs of children experiencing a global pandemic. Students and staff are to...

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Angela Lang: One year after George Floyd’s death and little has changed in Wisconsin

May 25 was the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. There was a wave of international protests. People said enough was enough. So with the unprecedented attention and uprisings, what did we get accomplished? What are we working towards? Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ task force on racial disparities is moving its recommendations through committee. The recommendations include things like putting police departments’ use-of-force policies online and keeping employee records. All decent ideas, but none of those things would have kept George Floyd and other victims of police violence alive. Instead of merely putting use-of-force policies online, I...

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How We Bounce Back: Wisconsin will see real impact on real lives with Medicaid expansion

Wisconsin’s budget committee recently voted – yet again – to turn down the opportunity to expand the state’s Medicaid program, thereby eliminating the opportunity to provide health care and long-term care services for more Wisconsinites and declining more than $1.6 billion in federal funding. The $1.6 billion in new federal resources is the best way to bolster our health system and help Wisconsin bounce back by investing in the people of our state, their businesses, their families, their health care providers, and their health. People across Wisconsin need the health care, nursing home care, home care, and more that...

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