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Author: Kenneth Cole

Social media activism lets our Democracy die with a “Like”

In America we do not fiddle while our nation burns. We scroll. We check our feeds, share our posts and count the “Likes” as our democracy dies in real time. One of the event organizers for Beyond Resistance: Stories of Resilience and Inspiration has been Dr. Kenneth Cole, a Licensed Psychologist with two decades of experience helping members of the community advocate for themselves. As part of the Shorewood Solidarity Network, a community organization working to positively influence the Village of Shorewood and surrounding communities to end discrimination, Dr. Cole reflected on the impact of social media in Milwaukee,...

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Same Brush, Different Color: Our assumptions of each other in the Age of Trump

I have never kiIIed a Black man, but far too many times I have been asked about crime in Milwaukee’s “inner city.” I was blessed to be raised in a two parent home, yet my insight on the “broken” Black family has been sought on countless occasions by numerous individuals. And while I never played a moment in the NFL, former coworkers have asked me why Colin Kaepernick would take a knee “against police,” but not speak out against the violence committed by African American men. Whether naive, misinformed, intentional, or misguided, myself and millions of other people of...

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