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Author: Curtis Schmitt

For Memorial Day we remember the loss not give thanks for service

Each year in Southeastern Wisconsin, just as the trees begin to green and the flowers begin to bloom, we race to campgrounds, beaches, parks, and backyards to celebrate our nation’s Memorial Day. A remembrance that was once known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is when we celebrate the lives of those who have served our country in some way. We place flags and flowers at their graves, we host pictures of them in our social media feeds, and we fly our flag proudly in the wind, because their memory gives flight to those thousands of threads sewn together. Robert...

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270 Degrees of Patriotism: Civilian to Military Service Member to Veteran

Just over 6% of the Wisconsin population, and less than 10% nationally, are military service veterans. The struggles faced by this small community are significant in comparison to its overall census weight. The challenges surrounding military service members, as they transition and become veterans, are very difficult. The military prepares individuals to wear many hats for the national defense, but it has not been very successful in creating a program that helps former soldiers transition back to civilians again. I call it the 270-degree military transformation. Civilian to Military Service Member to Veteran. As a civilian preparing to enter...

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Curtis Schmitt: My long struggle with PTSD and life

Approximately ten years ago I left Active Duty status for the United States Army. I was excited, anxious, and ready to be back in Milwaukee, a place I had called home for most of my life. The next step for me was to go to college. My consummate passion in life was medicine and I couldn’t wait to begin my path towards becoming a physician assistant. After all, I saw what PAs did for so many soldiers that they served in the Army and their service was powerful and life changing. It appeared to be exactly what I wanted...

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